Quick Quiz: Conferences

With the WAFES Conference only a week away, we thought we would seek some feedback from our members about conferences and exhibitions in general – and specifically from those who have been to a previous WAFES conference.

Please do your best and share this page link with all your volunteer friends and colleagues.

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Quick Quiz result: Uniforms

Our very successful Quick Quizzes are continuing to provide some interesting facts and last week’s about uniforms didn’t let us down. The first question –┬áDo you believe it is a good idea for Brigades to have a uniform? (other than PPE) – yielded an overwhelming 89% positive response. Question two showed that more than 70%…

Quick Quiz: Uniforms

This week’s Quick Quiz is all about your Brigade uniforms. Should Brigades have them? Who pays for them? Do you support a sponsorship deal to help with the costs? You know what to do – get stuck in and help us help you – and don’t forget to share this link (https://avbfb.org/category/news-and-media/quick-quiz/) with all your…

Quick Quiz Result: A bit about you

Our Quick Quizzes continue to reveal interesting facts about WA’s wonderful, diverse volunteer emergency services family. Remember – this is important stuff so if you or your volunteer colleagues haven’t yet completed this or previous quizzes, click here to give them a go – they are anonymous and only take a couple of minutes each.…